Wednesday, 21 November 2007

train chronicles

train chronicles, nice bloke.
need to see more gigs by him.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

kate nash

i took this at the cavern club about a week before kate got in to the charts, shes a really nice girl. she has a nice smile.
matt oi

robots in disguise have got their new single out "the sex has made me stupid".

i saw them in brighton back in may and got some great live photos of them, they are such a great live band, and they got the crowd really going i was hanging off the edge of the stage and they were singing straight in to the lens of my camera...! every one got on stage untill dee was pulled down by her fans..till all u could her was feedback...rock and or roll...go see this band!!

the kids eat ice cream

the kids eat ice project for 07/08

the teenagers

i did a photo shoot with the teenagers ages ago when they played a gig in nottingham. they did a great show but the club was dead. it was in a club called stealth...really greaat club..
we did the shoot up stairs...u can see all the pics on my flickr soo cheek em out.

these guys are great...soo french, they also have just done an interview with pop magazine..

if u dont no em cheek out their myspace.

matt oi

Saturday, 17 November 2007

lightspeed champion is spider man

lightspeed champion at bristol.
was great gig, hes really nice guy and the band is getting really big now. he did an instore at exeters new all saints store which was a wierd place to c him play but he still did a great solo show. the bristol show was amazing..first time i had meet him, he's really nice, we just chilled out drinking ribina (well he did) while i took some photos of him, Marti and eugene. (train chronicoils) (i cant spell). really nice bunch of people.
be doing some more photos with him soon i hope as he is on tour with patrick wolf this month, cant wait.
cheak em out on myspace.
matt oi

peggy sue and the pirates

peggy sue and the pirates are a well good 2 piece from the sea side town of brighton..there amazing..theve been touring with kate nash on her last tour. i first saw them at the great escape and they were well gud, hidern away upstairs in a pub that took ages to find. there also a great couple of girls to take photos of, there back down in exeter on their first tour in december, cheek back for more photos of the girls then..and look out for their greaty new single television...well good.

Friday, 16 November 2007

trash city sound system

well come to i am lucky, this blog is all about photography,music,fashion, skateboarding and street art.

trash city is a collective of dj's featuring joe rebel, matt oi and sketch who dj every mounth at the exeter cavern club.

matt oi is also a freelance photographer who as well as djing blags his way in to gigs across the country to get photos of the uk'sbest up and coming new bands and solo artists.

as well as this blog covering music and photography it will also feature graffiti art by the el3 crew.


matt oi